Insteon Home Automation Assurance Kit - Hub 2 with 2 On/Off and Sensors

Insteon Home Automation Assurance Kit - Hub 2 with 2 On/Off and Sensors

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The INSTEON Assurance Home Automation Kit is a prepackaged bundle that includes an INSTEON Hub, two Dimmer Modules, Motion, Leak and Open/Close Sensors. This kit works together, allowing you to wirelessly control your home's lighting and monitor leaks, motion and open doors, even from remote locations. The included INSTEON Hub features Ethernet connectivity for interfacing with your home network. Once connected, you can download the free INSTEON control app for setting up and controlling your connected devices from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The app can be found in the Google Play, Apple, Amazon and Windows app stores. Mac OS X and Linux users can enjoy browser-based system control. In addition to the included items, the INSTEON Hub supports a variety of INSTEON home automation devices.

Each included Dimmer Module has a 2-prong interface for connecting a lamp for remote lighting control. Using the INSTEON user interface, you can control light output by selecting a specific percentage. For direct access, brightness and dimming buttons are also located directly on the modules. In addition to basic on and off control, you can even set lighting schedules and scenes.

Rounding out this bundle are sensors for detecting motion, leaks and opening and closing of windows and doors. The Motion Sensor can communicate with up to 400 INSTEON devices and has a built-in countdown timer than can automatically turn lights off when you leave a room. The Leak Sensor can easily integrate into your INSTEON system and send alerts to your smartphone or tablet when a leak is detected. The Open/Close Sensor includes a magnet for mounting, and can be programmed to power-on connected devices like lamps and appliances when you enter or exit a room. Additionally, once the Assurance Kit is installed and configured, there are no monthly service fees or contract agreements required for operation.


  • Control and monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world
  • Receive text message and email alerts from your Instead sensors
  • Prevent costly damage with the leak sensor
  • Track motion in rooms and automatically turn on lights with the Instead motion sensor
  • Monitor doors and windows with the open/close sensor


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