Insteon 8 Button Keypad White Box with Blue Label

Insteon 8 Button Keypad White Box with Blue Label

Brand: Insteon
MFR #: 2334222
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The white 8-Button Keypad Dimmer is designed to replace your existing wall switch and add enhanced lighting control. This dimmer has 8 front-panel buttons for direct control of your INSTEON connected devices. When paired with INSTEON control devices, you can download the free INSTEON app for controlling the Keypad Dimmer from devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app can be found in the Google Play, Apple, Amazon, and Windows app stores. With the free INSTEON HouseLinc software, you can enjoy PC-based control.

Replace an existing light switch with the INSTEON Keypad Dimmer and remotely control multiple lights and appliances all over your home from a single keypad. The Keypad Dimmer can dim and control a directly connected load up to 600W and up to five devices or scenes throughout your home. It's like having five switches in the place of one.
Scene Lighting
With the push of a button, you can launch various scenes like Movie Time, Entertaining, or Away, and have all of the lights in your home react accordingly. Lights will dim, brighten and ramp to their final value. Place a Keypad at your entry and quickly turn off or on every light with a Home or Away scene. Control up to eight scenes locally, and use software like HouseLinc to trigger even more events based on the time of day, weather, or more.
Dual-Band Technology
Utilizing both your home's existing power lines and RF technology, Dual-Band technology offers reliable system connectivity.
Robust Power Supply
The INSTEON Dimmer Switch features a robust 100 - 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz auto-detecting universal power supply. With support for 240V and dual-band, even multi-phase buildings can use Keypad Dimmer.
Status LED
Keypad Dimmer includes an updated Status LED that alternates Red and Green depending on states and programming modes. It's never been easier to diagnose signaling errors or locally program your Keypad.
Change the keypad color or the button LED backlight colors with color change kits. Personalize the button text with customizable keypad buttons. You can even switch between 6- and 8-button keypads.
Keypad Enhancements
  • Built-In Dimmer: Tap to turn On or Off, press and hold to Dim or Brighten
  • Scene Buttons: Control individual devices, complete scenes or a combination
  • Custom Etching: Customizable label buttons
  • Set Button: Features a discrete Red/Green LED for programming ease
  • Decorator Style: Fits decorator-style wall plates
Additional Features
  • Dimmable: Works with many dimmable LED bulbs
  • App Enhanced: Starting with version 1.5, when coupled with the INSTEON Hub, you can configure scenes, set schedules and remotely control the attached load

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